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Dear Anonymous

Whilst it is our intention to foster and grow long term relationships, not only with our clients, but also with our staff, we recognize that this is not always possible and that from time to time there will be differences of opinion.

We wish you every success with your future career.

Carrick Client Relations Team
Green Point, Western Cape

I have recently left Carrick Financial Services after working for them for a few months, the reasons behind leaving is that the management is extremely poor and a lack of direction and give no help to the staff let alone the clients (no clients really it is all lies and everyone is struggling to get by). I would never work in such conditions as this again and hope other people don't make the silly mistakes like I did, I know of other guys and girls who work at Carrick Financial Services are also about to leave or going through the process of leaving due to the same reasons as mine.

I am now happy I have left and can actually do the job I love and been able to provide financial advice to clients and not lying to them about how many clients i don't have to attempt to get a deal.

I am sure that now I have posted on here the management at Carrick will be sending me threatening emails and phone calls etc.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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