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Dear Anonymous

The Financial Services industry in South Africa is highly regulated and as such, Carrick falls within the scope and ambit of the FAIS Act. Amongst other requirements, the Act calls for advisors to meet certain standards and criteria and meet the definition of “fit and proper” as defined in the act.

In order to ensure that we meet (and in most cases, exceed) these requirements, Carrick has an extremely robust recruitment process aimed at attracting and developing the very best talent available in the market. Being a business with its routes in Africa, we are committed to providing opportunities to people from all walks of life, provided they meet the criteria we have. Therefore, we prefer to measure potential candidates based on their actual ability rather than discriminate solely on where they may or may not have been employed in the past. We will happily share these criteria with you should you wish.

Unfortunately we are not prepared to comment on individuals seeking other opportunities (be they Directors or anybody else for that matter). Individuals, regardless of their position in an organization are free to pursue opportunities wherever they feel they may be appropriate. Should you chose to do some research however, you will note that both Craig Featherby and Mike Fannin are registered Directors of Carrick Wealth and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Carrick Client Relations Team

I have also had the experience of working for Carrick and it was very pleasant at all and it really dragged my mood down as the staff they have working for them are inexperienced and the vast majority don't have any financial background and some were just checkout assistant at Pick and Pay, this started to concern myself and then the alarm bells started to ring when the owner of Carrick Craig Featherby and also Mike Fannin have been attending other job interviews at other financial service companies in South Africa so this got me concerned and I decided to leave as this is a tell tale sign of a company going under in my eyes.

I also didn't get along with Sam Bowen who was constantly snapping at members of staff for no real reasons.

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Green Point, Western Cape, South Africa #929441

I am so happy that I can across these posts about Carrick and certain members of staff that work for them, I will now go elsewhere and use a more trustworthy company as if I wanted to be robbed of all my money I would go for a stroll through the Cape Flats.

to Preto1 Harare, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe #953754

If you are foolish enough to believe a silly lie you see on the net without doing your own investigation, then you are in line to be defrauded by Carrick's competitors who feel threatened. Any man worth his salt will certainly have lots of enemies!

Go to the FSB for example and ask if they have ever received a Carrick complaint! Look up their consultants on linkedin and see if they are not qualified etc.

That's what I would call wisdom! I have had nothing but a great experience with Carrick and recently found out first hand that one of their competitor is spreading lies about them.


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