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Dear Anonymous

Being a registered and regulated in South Africa means that Carrick is bound by not only the regulations that pertain to the financial services industry, but also the laws of the country.

South African law dictates that no foreign national may be employed without being in procession of a valid work permit, furthermore the FSB (Financial Services Board) requires that each representative who provides advice to clients be recorded on a “Representative Register”. Such registration is not possible without requisite paperwork and proofs (a work permit in the case of a foreign national would be such a requirement). It is not Carrick’s policy to employ any individual who does not comply with any of the requirements stated above, not to employ anybody who does not comply with the requirements as laid out in the FAIS Act which states that representative need to be “Fit and Proper”

Should an employment opportunity have been offered to you, these requirements would have been expressly stipulated at the commencement of the process. Said offer would have been retracted should it have been found that all the prerequisites were not met.

Carrick Client Relations Team
Johannesburg South, Gauteng

I started working for Carrick financial services back in september 2014 and was promised that my Visa application would be all sorted, I have recently had to leave my job as they never helped arrange a Visa and I have been working illegally.

I am now extremely disappointed and feel as if I was just lied to just to try and help them boost numbers in the offices, I now have the problems of losing my apartment and technically being homeless due to these liars and will have to move back to the UK.

I would also like to take the time to thank these total idiots with no respect for anyone, so thank you Craig Featherby, Brett Taylor, Kieron Mcrae, and Mike Potts for making me part of your total scam projectI hope the police catch up with you all when they find out what you are really unto behind closed doors.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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What more can you say when this link shows what these people are really like This is Mike Fannin the Sales Director of Carrick carrying out criminal damage.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #947868

What a bunch of crooks as I know of at least 8 people working for them without VISA


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