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Dear Anonymous

You mention in your post that you would be “happy to disclose” the relevant information so as to substantiate your claim.

As you have posted this response under the banner or Carrick Wealth, we would request such information so as to investigate it ourselves and have first right of reply. Please forward such proof to

You further assert that Craig Featherby “has taken peoples money and invested it himself personally into the Belverdere platform” (sic).

On what basis do you make this claim? Client advice records are confidential between the advisor and their client so we would also request the relevant documentation to substantiate this claim.

Carrick Client Relations Team
Bloubergstrand, Western Cape

I used to work with the CEO of Carrick Wealth Craig Featherby and I can confirm that him and Cobus Kellermann had regular meetings and discussions, Craig and Cobus are indeed close friends and have in the past being involved in a number of business matters together.

Craig Featherby used to attend functions with Cobus Kellermann so It is not surprising that he came to light in the Belverdere Scandal. I am sure Craig Featherby has taken peoples money and invested it himself personally into the Belverdere platform.

The information I have about this I am happy to disclose to any reporter and provide documentation to back these claims up.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #993739

So this is the comment that comes up from the link so once again these anonymous and completely baseless accusations are trying to defame a very reputable company and its directors ,surely anyone can see through this shameless dirtying tactic....

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Sorry about that.


What more can you say when this link shows what these people are really like This is Mike Fannin the Sales Director of Carrick carrying out criminal damage.


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