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Dear Mr McNair,

Herewith please find attached the official response from the FSB, dated September 3, 2014.

As you can clearly see, the FSB confirms that it “could not find any evidence to support the allegations made by the complainant (Mr Karl Edwards)”

There is a distinction between providing information and options as opposed to providing advice. The information you refer to in your email correspondence with Mike Fannin is available in the public domain and does NOT constitute giving advice. This would only be given in the form of an official “Advice Record” and will have been preceded with you having signed an “Appointment of Advisor” form, authorising Mike Fannin to provide you with advice. No such form exists, which would imply that it was information as opposed to advice that was given to you. Additionally no investment recommendations or decisions would have been made without said documentation being in place.

In one of your earlier “reviews” you make reference to Metropolitan Police case numbers and complaints lodged with the FCA, I can confirm that we have not received any notification of these enquiries, but are following them up with the relevant authorities from our side to ascertain their validity and status.

I can acknowledge that we received your email to Carrick Legal. In light of the above, we have chosen not to respond until such time as we have concluded our investigations.

I have previously posted about my issues and dealings with Carrick Wealth/ Carrick capital. I have dealt with Mr Fannin and Craig Featherby over a year ago and Carrick continue to deny claims in an attempt to protect themselves.

I personally met with Mike Fannin on a number of times in Cape Town and also in London in the UK, he gave me advice without being regulated, My friend Karl meet with Craig Featherby in Cape Town also and had regular email contact with him which he is now going to post as we and not being called liars over something that actually occurred.

Carrick claim they were licensed in August 2014 please see the dates of the files attached one from the FSB and other is an Email from Mike Fannin himself.

I have also contacted Carrick legal like requested to do so on another post and they have yet to reply.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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