On August 7, 2015, Complainants Carrick Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. and Carrick Wealth (Pty) Ltd. submitted a complaint in accordance with the Legitimacy Verification Program (“LVP”). The complaint alleged that three posts dated August 23, 2014 (Post ID 525023), October 8, 2014 (Post ID 543816) and October 22, 2014 (Post ID 549297) (the “Posts”) contained statements in violation of section 2 of Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. The Posts' author was offered an opportunity to respond to the complaint, as provided in LVP Rule 9. The materials submitted by the parties constitute the LVP Record.

Having considered the LVP Record, the Third Party Neutral finds and holds as follows: It is more likely than not that the statements in the Post are defamatory, inaccurate, omit key facts and paint Complainants in a false light, and, therefore, violate Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. Accordingly, the post at issue should be removed in its entirety and the URL should be changed to remove reference to the Complainants.

September 3, 2015

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please take notice that Carrick Financial Services (Pty), Ltd. has initiated a

Complaint against this Post due to alleged violations of Pissed Consumer’s

Terms of Use (http://www.pissedconsumer.com/tos.txt) pursuant to

Pissed Consumer’s Legitimacy Verification Program.

To receive a copy of the Complaint send an email that includes the review number for this Post to lvp@pissedconsumer.com requesting a copy. You, the Poster, have a right to respond to the Complaint to establish the truth of the Post’s statements. If you intend to respond, you have 20 days from the date this Notice was posted to answer the Complaint. The Answer Form: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/pissedconsumer/legal/LVP+Answer+Form.p df) must be submitted to lvp@pissedconsumer.com within 20 days of the date this Notice was posted.

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For more information regarding the Legitimacy Verification Program, please refer to the program’s rules found at http://www.pissedconsumer.com/static/legitimacy-verification-programrules-and-conditions.html. LVP ID: 15-k0011.


What more can you say when this link shows what these people are really like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjOQEMq0iko This is Mike Fannin the Sales Director of Carrick carrying out criminal damage.

Harare, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe #953756

Please submit your FSB reference number and police case number for verification? I want to verify your claims as and independent person on behalf of my client, because so far FSB has no Carrick pending complaints neither the South African Police.

to MSM #955179


If you would like to fall this up the references are MK FAIS-01668-14/15-INT 1 with FAIS is South Africa the people that have dealt with this are Mpho Koloko and Itumeleng Kganane. If you want any further info please leave me your email address and I will gladly forward you everything.

The case reference for the FCA in the UK when Mike Fannin came to the UK and gave illegal advice is ref:_00Db0K8yP._500b06Sb76 and the person in charge is Natasha Fuyane.

to Callum #955442

I would also like to add that this is the crime reference number with the Metropolitan Police for harassing phone calls CR/2043278/2014 So feel free to try and wiggle your way out of it and lie, sometimes the truth hurts.


How interesting reading these threads......They call us everyday sometimes 5 times a day, even though we have made it quite clear that we are not interested in any of their services. It's getting towards harassment.

Now we know they are just a bunch of scammers!!

Thanks for making people aware of these guys....

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #894620

During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Craig in a professional capacity. He is FAIS compliant and has always conducted himself within the confinements of the law.

At all times I have found him to be well organized, hard-working, driven, competent and extremely dedicated.


I have known Craig Featherby for almost 7 years now, and having been closely involved with him in various business transactions over this period, I feel adequately qualified to provide this letter of reference.

If there is one thing about Craig that really stands out, it would be his impeccable integrity which he projects naturally and with great ease into his working relationships. I have found his work ethic to be irreproachable and, to be exact, simply without comparison in the modern business environment.

Craig is a highly principled man who strongly believes that right is right and almost right is wrong, no exceptions.

Craig is a natural leader who actively follows the principle that leaders should lead from the front. Put simply, having a Military background myself, I believe if Craig was in the Armed Forces he would have been a well-respected, well-decorated and well-loved General.

In my business relationship with Craig, I was often struck by the effortless ease with which he resolved complex issues in a manner that always seemed to suit all parties. Always insistent on resolutions that would not necessarily favor the strongest parties’ viewpoint, Craig seems to have perfected to a fine art the ability to build bridges across what seems like impossible divides, motivate people to accept those things they cannot possibly change, and then look up and make the best of those opportunities that come along.

I hold Craig Featherby in the highest possible regard as an individual.

Personally I have drawn a lot of inspiration from his honest, down-to-earth outlook on life. I have learned from Craig that caring for those who are entirely without the means to return the favour, enriches one’s life far beyond the actual value of the care given.

Craig may forgive me for sharing his selfless act of mercy with the reader when every year around Christmas he loads a truck full of presents, food and clothes in Cape Town and personally delivers this to the destitute, unknown poor people of Swellendam to ensure they also experience the goodwill and joy of Christmas. Greater empathy with those in need is hard to imagine.

Craig is a gentleman in the true, old-world sense of the word, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who are looking to engage with a person of impeccable integrity, immensely gifted leadership qualities, and unimpeachable character.


I have personally known Craig for the last couple of years and I find it quite interesting that he is basically described as a ‘thug’ considering that he was able to build up companies from nothing to something in a matter of years but also doing this in a strict financial reporting jurisdiction. It’s a poor and frankly pathetic attempt to prompt some type of response and if I didn’t know better I would assume it is a smear campaign.

Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa #882752

That is disgraceful the lengths that these companies will go to pressure the customers to not tell the truth. I hope the Police investigation will stop companies threatening customers.

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