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Dear Anonymous

Firstly an apology if you feel that you have been harassed or treated unprofessionally. We certainly do not take these allegations lightly and investigate each of them that are brought to our attention.

Carrick Wealth is by no means unique with regards to how we generate our income. Locally and globally, organisations and brokerages such as ourselves, generate income via commissions. These commissions are paid to us by the various product providers with whom we place the business on your behalf.

In terms of South African legislation, all fees that are payable have to be fully disclosed, explained and agreed by the client before they are due. The same is true of the commission that is earned on each transaction by the advisor and the brokerage

Being independent, Carrick is able to source products from the most reputable financial institutions globally at the most competitive pricing, we are also able to offer our clients various pricing models that don’t necessarily entail the payment of any upfront fees to the brokerage or the advisor.

We believe that transparency is key to strong relationships and would urge you to ensure that you are 100% informed and satisfied with all charges as they relate to your investments. Should you wish to further understand how the fees and commission work, we would be more than happy to set up some time to do so.

Carrick Client Relations Team

I have recently been contacted by a number of different members from Carrick Financial Services attempting to get me to do some sort of business with themselves. I have done my research into this company and nothing seems to fit right they seem very unprofessional and the people I have spoken to do not seem even qualified to watch my children for even a hour let alone my savings.

I have lived in South Africa all my life and yet have never came across scams like this other than people from the Cape Flats trying to mug you at an ATM. The guys on the phone said the didn't get any of my money but when I pressed them about how they made money they explained that they work on a commission basis that does not make sense to me!!

The guy then slipped up and told me what fees he would then take, I honestly find this company extremely unprofessional and inadequate to be trusted with peoples money. If Nazeer Essop contacts me again I will see red!!!!!!

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