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Dear Anonymous
I am writing this in my personal capacity as Group Managing Director for Carrick Financial Services (Pty) Ltd – “Carrick”.
Firstly, I left my ex-employment after 10 years of service and have since been bombarded with threats both legal and other relating to smearing my and Carrick's name on the internet together with statements being made that I/we would never be granted a license by the FSB and if we were, it would be temporary. It would make for a healthier situation if you discussed your grievances directly with us as opposed to via this forum. I am confident of no wrong doing on our part as we may be a new company but our entire management team is made up of upstanding, experienced individuals whom have years of experience in the industry.
Secondly, let me acknowledge that Carrick takes complaints of any nature extremely seriously and we are genuinely concerned when issues such as this are raised. However, it is virtually impossible to deal with an anonymous complaint to any degree that will satisfy the complainant as it makes any investigation impossible.
Notwithstanding the above, I would like to set some facts straight.
Carrick was officially incorporated on 26th May 2014, however that did not entitle us to trade as we were not yet an Authorized Financial Services Provider in terms of the current legislation. Carrick was granted a Juristic License on 20 August 2014 and our full license on 8 October 2014. I am unfortunately unable to take responsibility for your personal perceptions and feelings towards myself and Mike Fannin or our personalities – we are all entitled to our points of view about people we meet! I am also 100% confident that you and I have never met and indeed it was most likely you who submitted the “mystery” and most certainly anonymous complaint to the FSB against Carrick. Not only was it fully investigated by them, but they also found that there was absolutely no evidence to support the complaint (note, I say “no evidence”, as opposed to “insufficient evidence”). The FSB are obliged to investigate all allegations and complaints that are raised with them and are mandated to take the appropriate action where applicable. However, let me speak for myself and say that in the 6 years that I was responsible for running deVere Africa, that there was not a single compliant leveled against myself or my management team on this forum (or any other similar ones) or with any regulatory body. I simply fail to understand why you believe that I would change my behavior and ethics – especially given that I am now responsible for my own business? You are also clearly misinformed with regards “your money” and “how it is used” (as you state). NO client money is ever paid directly to Carrick, all trades and investments are done on the basis of a dealing instruction via the investment platform the client has set up and that is governed by independent regulation. As you can see, there are multiple levels of compliance required before any funds are invested and the “whereabouts” of these funds are known at all times by at least 3 different organisations who have all done their own due diligence on the investment options. In order for to get to the bottom of your complaint, please would you get in touch with me via and I will personally conduct an investigation into your allegations. I look forward to hearing from you.
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I was one of the people involved in the Carrick scam when Mr Fannin meet in the UK that Mr Featherby helped arrange, once I noticed I was being scammed I contacted the FCA and this is the response;

Dear ................,

Thank you for your recent email to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regarding the companies Carrick-Wealth and Carrick-Capital.

As you are already aware, the FCA regulates most financial services in the United Kingdom. To protect consumers, we have a public financial services register which is a public record of all the firms and individuals that we regulate. Having searched our register, I can confirm that neither Carrick-Wealth nor Carrick-Capital are regulated and authorised by the FCA. I have included a link to the register should you wish to check this:

We suggest exercising caution as we are aware that there has been an incredible increase in scams and swindles and many have lost money, as a result of fraud. Therefore, I have attached a link to a webpage giving further details about scams and swindles the FCA is aware of. Our website also has hints and tips to help you protect yourself and stay safe.

I note that you have advised that the companies are primarily based in South Africa. As such, we advise contacting the relevant financial regulator in South Africa to establish if they are regulated to carry out business there.

I trust my response has clarified that Carrick-Wealth and Carrick-Capital are not regulated by the FCA to carry out business in the United Kingdom.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Reason of review: Not as described.

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How can these people get away with scamming people? I hope they get caught sooner rather than later and they don't scam other people.


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