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Dear Anonymous

While it is true that employment in our organization (and the Financial Services industry) in general offers a challenging environment and good remuneration in the form of commissions, there are also no guarantees or that each individual employed will be a good fit with the culture of the company.

The culture that you are describing is in no ways condoned by the leadership team, nor would it be tolerated if they became aware of such a culture existing.

Our industry is highly regulated by the FSB (Financial Services Board) and should you be aware of any “corrupt activity” it should be reported by means of a formal complaint and request to investigate.

Carrick Client Relations Team

I have worked for this bunch of cowboys and now left as I couldn't bare it no longer.

Well when I first joined them I was promised excellent commission rates and a great work place.......

This is all a big fat lie as I never seen any money as they didn't have any clients and all that really went on is everyone of the sales team were more bothered about partying and sleeping with each.

None of the management really want to work either as they seemed more occupied with other matters that seemed very corrupt... This all said it left me no option but to leave and my message to anyone considering these crooks just stay clear and save yourself the hassle and hardship.

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Commission only comes when you put your heart into it. They are a great company. Lots of slashing from the competition.


I have been contacted by this company. They refuse to leave there number or who i may be talking too.

This is a bad business method. Due to this i am not interested in dealing with this company.


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